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Our Wellness Area

We offer you a professional massage with hot oil for optimal relaxation of your whole body and mind. During 90-120 minutes , you could clear your mind and let be pampered from head to toe.
You are in goods hands.

The benefits of massage

The head massage

The head massage starts by your face then goes down on the shoulders and goes back up on your skull. The pression exerted by hands reoxygenate the cells of the scalp and stimulate the blood circulation. They make disappear the tensions for a gentle relaxation.

The back massage

The back massage starts along the spin, the neck, the shoulders and goes back up along the spin.
The back massage has so many vertues because it is composed of many acupuncture points which with an adapted pressure, make it possible to restore the balance of the body and relieve in particuliar migraines and insomnia.

Hands and arms massage

The massage begins by the whole arm and goes up towards the wrists and ends the phalanges. The hands gather the most nervers ending per cm2 and are certainly ultra sensitive to touch.
The hands and arms massage relieve deep tension and provides immediatly intense ralaxation.

Foot and legs massage

Foot massage begins by the arch of the foot the goes up to the ankle, calf and thigh. The foot massage stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and help therefore fighting against the effects of circulation problems as the varicose veins or cellulite.
The foot massage rebalances the vital functions and acts on the organs by the acupuncture points of your foot. By extending the massage from feet to the ankles, calves and thighs, we accentuate these effects and the blood pressure is really lowered.
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Bien être

Give your body the relaxation it needs.

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