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SPAS , presentation of models:

The HG-F204 spa is an attractively priced spa with great equippeds.

This compact spa with 5 seats has 2 sleeping places and 3 seats. This model spa is equipped with 40 jets, some of these jets could be adjustable, indoor and outdoor light therapy, a waterfall, etc.
Available in white or black colour according all types of indoor and outdoor environments.

Be Spa is a French company serving for professionals and individuals, offering product suitable for everyone. Be Spa propose several ranges of spa including overflow spas with a buffer tank directly included under the spa and high performance sand filtration and a remote control allowing professionals to keep control of the spa.

The overflow spas are ideal for lodges and hotels including the Mauricia model with comfortables 7 seats.

The Bombay model can accommodate up to 14 people! And the Balicia offers two ergonomic reclining places among with 7 places having a perfect relaxing.

A designer finish with metal-look Diban panels is available but in option.
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