We are collaborating on this product with Cashido® based in Taiwan where we have traveled several times to understand and learn the basics of these pumps to benefit our European customers. Nano-bubble pumps are certainly one of our greatest discoveries in terms of body benefits.

Less than 0.2μ (microns) or 50 times smaller than the pores of the skin, millions of bubbles are introduced into a spa or bathtub by a specific pump. Once the bath is saturated with these bubbles, the water becomes an opaque milky white also providing pleasant visual animation.

Principle of action:
With their size, the Nano-bubbles penetrate inside the pores of the skin to rid them of the impurities they contain. For maximum efficiently, Cashido® pumps produce ozone, which adds to the Nano-bubbles, ensures a deep cleansing of the skin. During its operation the Cashido® pump releases negative ions or anions which amplify relaxation and the feeling of well-being.

Deep cleaning of your skin from toxins, polluting organisms, make-up residues, etc. that conventional soaps can not eliminate. Your skin becomes smoother, firmer and impressively soft.

They also help to relieve some skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema by slowing their development and decreasing the itch associated with it.
Anions are a source of well-being and provide our body a sensation and feeling relax. Air pollution, air conditioning, electronic devices of numbers in our current lifes produce positive ions that amplify certain pathologies such as asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, headaches, depressive states, etc. Everbody khow well that the fresh air in the mountains, in the forest, near waterfalls or by the sea gives a sense of well-being. This less polluted air is charged with negative ions found in Cashido® Nano-bubble pumps.
By associating a Cashido® pump with a bathtub or a spa, you can reduce stress. The relaxation and the benefits of this therapy are further amplified, lowering of blood pressure, relief of joints and muscle tension.

The water in the bathtub or spa becomes stiffly opaque, like a cloud, the nanobulles quickly saturate the water to make it milky white.

The nanobulles greatly help people with psoriasis or eczema:

Psoriasis is a skin disease that science has difficulty treating and whose discomforts are consistent. The person has very large itching, feels the need to scratch which causes aggravation of the skin lesion.
First session
3rd session
6th session
The injured parties are cleared of cutaneous residues, cleaned thoroughly and disinfected by ozone. In one session, lesions are metamorphosed. Moreover, one session per week is sufficient to prevent the appearance of new dead skin and eliminates the itching.
Associated with medical treatment, the bath of nanobulles accentuates comfort by removing the inconveniences of psoriasis. We do not pretend to treat an incurable disease, we bring a solution in order to limit the side effects.

Mr. C ... tested for us the system Nanobulles of Cashido®, here is his reaction:
"I am a skeptic and I know that my illness is incurable, I was convinced that your system would not give me satisfaction. After three sessions, I found that my affected skin seemed to be polished, It was the next day that my wife pointed out to me that I was not scratching myself anymore, incredible I had not even realized it! You are not unaware that this disease causes losses Little dead skins, and my wife spent her life changing our bed sheets ... Since I have been doing one session a week, I do not feel any disenchantment and my wife can finally change our sheets once a week, Say thank you! ... "

Offer you a relaxing moment in your spa.

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