Co² water softener SoluCalc


Co² water softener: SOLUCALC

No more bags of salt!
The limestone encrusted in your pipes makes your life impossible? Are you looking for an effective solution to get rid of it permanently? Discover now SoluCalc: a water softener that uses only food CO2. Water softener: our solution can easily simplify your life.

The SoluCalc is a system that is installed directly at the entrance to your water supply and plugs into the mains (requires an electrical outlet nearby). It takes up little space and will quickly be forgotten. It injects food CO2 into the water in your pipes. The limestone then reacts on contact with CO2, and changes into bicarbonate which has the particularity of not clinging to the walls of your pipes, taps, shower walls, etc. Thanks to this simple solution, your household is faster than ever, your water is purer, healthier and without unpleasant taste, your household appliances no longer scale up and therefore they consume less!


    • More ease of use: no need for salt bags or maintenance.
    • Better for health: the water remains drinkable and without unpleasant taste
    • More ecological: no more pollution due to salt.
    • More economical: no more wasted water and costs only € 5 per year per inhabitant (on a general average).
    • 100% Belgian manufacturing!

Efficacy confirmed.

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Cost estimate

Adoucisseur sel SoluCalc 
Régénération (5 m³)30 €Pas de régénération0 €
Entretien125 €Pas d’entretien0 €
100 kg de sel45 €10 kg de CO²25 €
Coût annuel200 €Coût annuel25 €
Coût sur 10 ans2000 €Coût sur 10 ans250 €

Limestone can cost you € 500 per year

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