About us

Our history

Firstly,we are the designers of our own brand of spas, developed according to our specifications and with our competence about the spas more than 15 years.

Spas are designed to provide relaxing benefits to the body while producing beneficial health effects such as muscle and join relaxation, reduction of blood pressure, stress, elimination of toxins, etc.

Always concerned about well-being and health, we creat a new company “H3o2” complemently to "Hegos".
We propose our customers a range of very different products starting with the spas for relaxation, our new system of Nano-bubbles and many Ozone machines for health and ending with our advice on wine cellars for totally pleasure.

Through H3o2, we collaborate with several partners of products bringing maximum relaxation, leisure and having a positive impact on our health.

Offer you a relaxing moment in your spa.

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